Installing LinuxBoot on an Intel S2600 mainboard

Platform init and memory training

As part of the hardware setup the so called “SoC” init is required. It consists of the platform bring-up and memory training. If the RAM training succeeds the Linux kernel can be loaded.

x86 bootblock magic

Under x86 architecture there is no cache as RAM support from the beginning of the platform init. Therefore, a register must be used as memory in order to initialize CAR.

Cache As RAM

In order to do RAM training some sort of memory is needed. That is why the CPU caches are utilized.

What about SMM, ACPI, PCI DT and GFX init?

Graphics init and PCI Device Tree enumeration are already part of the linux kernel. System Management Mode can be integrated as well. ACPI table generation is currently not supported and should be done by the firmware instead.